Human After All

For a long time now, whenever I was asked to enter a few words next to my name on profile-pages, i.e. on Twitter, LinkedIn, I entered “Human After All”. The title of a song by Daft Punk.

In their Electropop Musical “Electroma” Daft Punk, two human men, posing as robots, try to become human. If you’ve never seen the movie, watch a clip of the song “Human After All” accompanied by scenes from the movie below. The whole movie is a cinematic joy to look at, and at that time left me with some strange melancholic emotions and questions.

From early on I’ve been fascinated by robots in many forms of popular culture. When younger they where just cool to look at, and fun to recreate myself from Lego, paper, cardboard or whatever.

But when growing up all the cute toylike creations made place for more grim and dark siblings. Killerrobots from the future, rogue Artificial Intelligence trying to wipe out the human race.

What makes a robot a robot, what makes a human a human? In many movies, books and stories these are the underlying questions asked by the author. And became is the underlying question for me when I embarked on my own personal quest to find out what it is to be human…